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This is how we help Education ENtrepreneurs create, launch, sell and earn without limits

Build your perfect online course

Step 1: Apply for Instructor

When you apply for the instructor, we will examine your competencies, skills, expertise, and experience and then allow you to create FREE courses, quizzes, assignments, etc on our platform. After becoming an instructor, you can create a truly unique brand of yourself that your students will respect. We will not charge anything from you. We promote and give you all assistance required.

If you only want to create free courses and do not want to earn, you can continue as an instructor or you can subscribe to our paid Kentrepreneur Membership to sell courses.

Sell and get paid

Step 2: Subscribe for Kentrepreneur membership

If you want to sell and earn with your skills, knowledge, and experience from your paid offline and online courses. You have to subscribe to our Kentrepreneur Membership. You will have access to an exclusive Kentrepreneur dashboard, where you can create products, get orders, process them, withdraw payments, issue refunds, create coupon codes, etc.

Only Kentrepreneurs can use the features and functionality of our paid add-ons service like live classes, offline encryption, online secure streaming.


Step 3: Secure your content with our encryption ad-dons

To protect your content from copy, piracy, theft. We verify student registration with OTP and use some level of encryption. To know more about our encryption facility of your online and offline classes, contact us. We don’t want to hurt you, but nothing is secure on the internet.

Engage & connect

Step 4: Maximize STudent Results with Engagement

Empower your students with a world-class online course experience. Keep your learners focused and on track with your classes, assignments, automatic quizzes, online course group and forum community, and more. Understand your students with powerful reporting. Create your unique engagement mix with automation and human interaction to accelerate learner success.

Features & Benefits

Power at your fingertips

Deliver Your Courses

With easy to use solution, you can deliver your content in online, offline and face to face mode.

Automate Repeating Tasks

Feed your content for first time and sit back relax. No manual checking of questions, assignment, quizzes etc.

Separate Order Dashboard

You can track all your order booking, products, respective payments, admin commission etc.

Being Your Own Boss

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Kenucation e-learning platform is the most affordable learning management system. It is built for individual teachers, instructors or faculties. But, it can be used for coaching institutes or schools, which have sub instructors under them.

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Both are basically the same. The instructor can create only a free online course, not paid courses, or offline courses. While Kentrepreneur can create any type of course, either free, paid, online, offline. Also, Kentrepreneur has exclusive access to the dashboard and our add-on services.

Yes, our platform is totally free. There is no hidden cost in it. You can create unlimited free online courses, quizzes, assignments, etc. The only limitation is that you can not sell your courses.

Yes, you can embed YouTube, Zoom, Jitsi, or any other third party for free live streaming classes on our platform. Live streaming without using a third party is a paid service and available as an addon. Contact us to know more.

The online course is basically a browser-based course, the content, media anything is accessible through internet and browser. While Offline courses cover downloadable courses and pen drive courses and also face to face which is available at the physical location of the instructor.

Yes, an Enterprise package is available. The pricing for this is ₹ 99,999/year. You will not require to pay anything for your orders. You will get one custom website with your brand name URL. For more info about this enterprise package, contact us.


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