Become an Educator

Become an Educator

Become an Educator

Commerce Classes is an e-learning platform is the most affordable learning management system. It is built for individual teachers, instructors or faculties. But, it can be used for coaching institutes or schools, which have sub instructors under them.

You can empower your students with a world-class online course experience. Keep your learners focused and on track with your classes, assignments, automatic quizzes, online course group and forum community, and more. Understand your students with powerful reporting. Create your unique engagement mix with automation and human interaction to accelerate learner success.

Report Center

Better insight of students data from various aspects, course status.

Content Management

Get questions from students directly and reply questions on the fly.

Order Management

Rich and convenient user inter-face of order, shipping and invoice.

Access Anywhere

Consistent user experience, no matter which device student is using.

Why Collaborate With Us

With easy to use solution, you can deliver your classes in online, offline and face to face mode. Our learning management system is designed in a way that’s automate everything. Just feed your content for first time and sit back relax. No manual checking of questions, assignment, quizzes etc. You can also manage all your online courses in separate dashboard.




Getting Started Is Easy

When you contact us for the Educator, we will examine your competencies, skills, expertise, and experience and then allow you to create FREE courses, quizzes, assignments, etc on our platform. After becoming an instructor, you can create a truly unique brand of yourself that your students will respect. We will not charge anything from you. We promote and give you all assistance required. If you only want to create free courses and do not want to earn, you can continue as an instructor.

If you want to sell your classes through our platform, you can contact us through dashboard section. We will then take care of everything.

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